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AI for Safety, Security

& Productivity

Customized software for different work environment


Conventional CCTV systems are great as post-incident tools for investigation purposes. While it has a deterrent effect, CCTV is not without security challenges with the absence of built-in AI. These are computer software programs that analyze images from video surveillance cameras in order to recognize different objects (especially humans) and events taking place (like loitering and or intrusion).


With the video storage and high resolution CCTV getting cheaper, the video information it is creating is becoming impractical for the human attention span to deal with. Setting up a Central Monitoring Station (CMS) and hiring a bunch of people to stare at monitors 24/7 is not necessarily a practical solution in most cases. Recognition and detection coupled with real time notifications and alarms remain the cornerstone of safety, security, and productivity. It not only deters established protocol violations, it also gives administrators the opportunity to promptly correct it.

Establishments and job sites with existing CCTVs do not need an expensive upgrade. We can interface our AI in your system and make it smarter. Depending on your specific need, we can build a system that suits your budget.

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