Solving Problems Through Computer Vision


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    Traffic Analysis & Management System

    Our own AI based Software for Traffic Analysis and Management.

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    AI for Safety, Security & Productivity

    A customized software for different Work Environment.

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    Robotics Visual Inspections

    Combining the power of Robots and Computer Vision.



In 2013, we launched an online store for open source hardware that primarily served engineering students and the Maker community. Our goal was to help promote innovation by providing electronic kits related to robotics, automation and the internet of things. What started out as technical support on how to integrate our electronic boards with our customers' projects eventually became something more than an after sales service. In less than a year, we've started building prototypes and creating technological solutions for other companies and organizations. This went on until COVID-19 locked the world down, creating business disruptions and a new paradigm all at once.

With this "new normal," our team decided to turn Circuit-Help into an organization focused on using Artificial Intelligence to solve real-world problems. Currently, we're tackling problems that can be effectively managed by Computer Vision like Object Detection and Tracking, as well as Image Classification. As a result, we have created different valued services that will benefit numerous industries today during the pandemic and later on in the post COVID years. 



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